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The federal government has a strong interest in protecting its finances, particularly in transactions with private companies. Powerful legal tools exist to encourage exposure of fraudulent or illegal conduct that impacts federal finances.

The federal False Claims Act provides potentially significant monetary awards for those who report fraud committed by private companies (or contractors) against the government. If your employer does business with the federal government and you are aware of fraudulent or unethical activities, you may be able to bring a qui tam action to report the misconduct.

Win A Potentially Significant Monetary Reward For Bringing A Confidential Claim

Qui tam actions can be pursued in a completely confidential manner. The claim can be filed under seal so that your name is not attached to the incriminating information.

  • Defrauding Medicare or Medicaid through overcharging, miscoding, double billing or billing for services not rendered
  • Off-label marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Committing fraudulent practices in federal government procurement or contracting

If you are successful in the qui tam claim, you can receive a significant percentage of the fine imposed by the government as a bounty for bringing the case. Depending on the circumstances, the reward could be substantial, potentially numbering in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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