Why Hire An Employment Law Specialist?

Why it's important to hire a true labor and employment law attorney.

At times lawyers who do not specialize in employment law may take on a case because it appears that there a lot of damages, or for a variety of reasons. Perhaps an attorney wants to get his or her "feet wet" in the area. Some attorneys who ordinarily defend companies may take on an employment matter because the issues, such as in overtime cases, appear to be relatively straightforward. This often occurs in the noncompete area.

Often times this is a recipe for disaster. Even the most experienced of lawyers who do not specialize in labor and employment law may miss issues, or create unreasonable expectations from the client based on their "gut feeling" of a case.

As an example, Mr. Costales has handled cases in which lawyers who seek to enforce a noncompete agreement come charging in to court while failing to advise a client that the former employee has a viable counterclaim, based in employment law, which obliterates the claim. Another example is a situation in which an attorney handling a sexual harassment case may not realize that there are circumstances in which a Faragher defense to a sexual harassment claim may not be applicable.

All of these mistakes can lead to unrealistic expectations on the part of the client. In addition, employment law claims are geared toward trial and the time to prepare for trial starts at the initial consultation. It is therefore imperative that any litigant in this area of law retains an attorney who is well versed in how to best present a case to a jury.

Mr. Costales has had extensive trial experience in litigating all types of employment law claims and knows how to best present a case to a jury or judge.