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At the Law Offices of Gary A. Costales, P.A., we represent employees and employers in all areas of employment law.

In most cases, litigation is the result of an employer or employee failing to understand their rights and obligations in the workplace as determined by an employment contract. In order to ensure our clients aren't exposed to liability or denied their rights, our attorney carefully reviews all employment-related policies and contracts governing the workplace. In some instances, what is at issue are rights protected under state and federal law or discrimination against protected classes of people. In these kinds of cases, we work with our own investigators in order to collect and build evidence in support of our client's case.

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Employment discrimination: We represent employers and employees in case of alleged employment discrimination, including:

  • Age discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Disability discrimination and claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Sex discrimination, including sexual harassment claims and pregnancy discrimination
  • Retaliatory discharge and wrongful termination claims

Wage and hour litigation: Including claims of failing to pay overtime, failure to provide rest breaks, employee misclassification as exempt, and other violations of wage and overtime laws under Florida law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Noncompete agreements: A carefully drafted and executed noncompete agreement will generally limit a former employee from using business trade secrets. Often litigation arises when an employee feels a noncompete agreement is too restrictive, or has competed with his former employer. Our firm represents both employees and employers in noncompete matters, including noncompete litigation and negotiation of settlements.

Employment contracts: Our office represents employees and employers in breach of contract litigation, which may involve noncompete agreements, wrongful discharge, breach of pay or incentive provisions in a contract, and any other alleged contractual breach arising out of the employment relationship. We also advise and represent employers and employees in employment contracts related to severance pay, benefits packages, medical benefits, confidentiality agreements and other matters.

Family and Medical Leave Act: The FMLA protects employees who need medical help, or who have family members with medical needs. It allows employees to take an extended leave from their place of employment under limited circumstances. However, employees have obligations under the law, including a duty to make various notifications and disclosures to their employers. Failure to make the required notifications can void some of the protections of the FMLA, so it is vital for employees to fully understand their rights and obligations. Employers also must be fully informed of the rights and responsibilities of the FMLA. We advise employees and employers on the FMLA. We also represent employees and employers in FMLA litigation.

Qui tam and whistleblower (False Claims Act): Qui tam cases are cases in which a person discovers that a business is defrauding the government. If you have knowledge of a business defrauding the government, contact our office for an explanation of your rights. Whistleblower actions occur when an employee allegedly discovers that their employer is violating federal or state law and reports this illegal action to a third party. Whistleblower statutes protect employees who report their employer's illegal conduct, and an employee may have a claim for damages if they have been terminated or otherwise retaliated against for reporting illegal conduct of an employer. Our office represents both employees and employers in whistleblower cases.

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