Mediation Is A Smart Alternative To Litigation

Working With An Experienced Mediator Saves Time And Costs

Many employment disputes go through mediation before ever reaching a courtroom. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution designed to foster a settlement with the help of a neutral third-party facilitator. In many cases, mediation may be required under the terms of an employment contract.

When selecting a mediator, it is important to choose someone who understands the issues at stake. The mediator should have extensive experience in employment and labor law. Without a firm foundation of knowledge, the mediator's effectiveness could be drastically reduced.

Certified Mediator | Board-Certified Expert In Employment And Labor Law

At the Law Offices of Gary A. Costales, P.A., our lead attorney is a certified mediator with decades of experience in employment law. Mr. Costales is also certified as an expert in labor and employment law by The Florida Bar. He has decades of experience handling virtually every type of employment law matter for employers and employees. His clients have spanned from high-level management at Fortune 500 companies to municipalities to workers in diverse industries and fields. This strong background aids him in serving as an effective mediator.

As a former administrative law judge and trial lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Mr. Costales possesses valuable insight into effective strategies for resolving employment disputes.

Drawing On Extensive Adjudication Experience To Facilitate Win-Win Solutions

Our firm handles employment and labor law mediation involving virtually any type of legal issue, including:

Mr. Costales has extensive experience resolving disputes in a fair and judicious manner. His background as a former administrative law judge enhances his ability to facilitate win-win solutions.

Learn More About Our Employment Dispute Mediation

For more information about our employment law mediation services, please contact us online or call 877-389-7395. With offices in Miami and Boca Raton, Mr. Costales handles mediation throughout South Florida.

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