Representing Employers In A Wide Range Of Work Disputes

The law impacts employers in many different ways, from hiring determinations to working conditions to pay. Understanding and complying with the latest regulations requires constant vigilance. Legal guidance is particularly critical when a dispute or threat of litigation arises. Proactive measures can reduce the risk of costly, protracted litigation.

At the Law Offices of Gary A. Costales, P.A., in Miami, we offer experienced representation for employers of all sizes. Our attorney is certified as an expert in employment and labor law by The Florida Bar. He draws on more than 20 years of experience — including experience representing high-level management, municipalities and Fortune 500 companies — to help employers navigate legal issues.

Resolving Disputes ♦ Protecting Corporate Reputations

Employment law is geared toward litigation and going to trial. Trial preparation starts at the initial consultation. Consulting with counsel who is experienced in litigating employment law claims will help:

  1. Accurately assess risk: Company managers or advising attorneys who are not well-versed in employment law may not appreciate the risk that may exist in connection with an employment dispute, or they may overestimate the risk.
  2. Avoid overreaction or underreaction: Overreaction can sometimes be as bad as underreaction. As an example, a knee-jerk reaction to immediately fire a manager who has been accused of harassment may be detrimental if the value added to the company by the manager far exceeds that of the accuser. Other times, companies may gloss over complaints of discrimination and "off-the-cuff" comments about discrimination, failing to adequately investigate such claims.
  3. Better engage in a cost-benefit analysis: Most employers have to undertake a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best course of action. Sometimes the detriment of keeping an employee outweighs the benefit of terminating the employee, or vice versa. You need experienced counsel to accurately enter into that cost-benefit analysis.

All too often, an attorney who knows nothing about employment law will give advice to a company as to how to handle an employee dispute. This often results in overreaction, underreaction or other failures to accurately assess risk.

Who We Serve

We represent employers across South Florida. Many of the firm's clients are small local businesses in a broad range of industries, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retailers
  • Corporations
  • Professional practices, including doctors, chiropractors and dentists
  • Towing companies
  • Construction companies

We understand the challenges that employers face. Our firm strives to alleviate clients' legal burdens so they can focus on running their business.

What We Offer

We provide dedicated legal representation in a broad range of employment law matters, including:

Attorney Costales is also a certified mediator who serves as a neutral third party in employment-related mediation.

Helping Clients Defend Against Wage And Hour Lawsuits

Employers in the retail and hospitality industries frequently tend to run into wage and hour disputes. Florida has one of the largest volumes of overtime claims in the nation. We have extensive experience handling overtime disputes, minimum wage cases and other types of wage-related issues. Our lawyer also provides legal counsel on how to minimize the risk of disputes before they arise.

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