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Quitting a job might disqualify you from unemployment benefits

One of the common questions that people have when they quit a job or are fired is whether they will qualify for unemployment compensation. The answer to that question isn't always easy because of Florida laws governing reemployment assistance.

In most cases, people who quit a job aren't eligible for unemployment benefits. This includes instances in which an employer allows you to quit instead of firing you. For this reason, if your employer offers you this type of deal, you should seriously consider the effects prior to taking the deal. In some cases, employers might try to sweeten deal by saying if you quit, they will give you a good recommendation. Even that, however, isn't guaranteed.

There is an exception to the rule of being ineligible for unemployment if you quit. If the reason you quit is because of a good cause that is attributable to the employer, you might be eligible for unemployment benefits. In this case, you would have to prove the reason you quit.

Some examples of a good reason to quit a job include discrimination or harassment. If either of those apply to you, it is necessary to try to remedy the situation by speaking to your employer before you quit your job. In addition, quitting because you are unable to do your job because of health reasons and your employer won't accommodate your abilities qualifies as a reason to quit as long as you have a doctor's note or other medical evidence about the medical issue.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when you apply for unemployment compensation. Learning how your situation might affect unemployment benefit eligibility might be something worth looking into before you leave your job.

Source:, "Can I Get Reemployment Assistance if I Quit My Job?," accessed April. 23, 2015

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