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May 2015 Archives

Fear of jobs keeps people from reporting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment happens in many industries in Florida, from bars and restaurants to fields for farming. However, much of it goes unreported year in and year out, despite the fact that people have very real cases against their employers. One of the main reasons that this happens is simple: These workers are afraid that they're going to lose their jobs if they talk about what is happening or try to file a report.

Clemon Johnson sues Florida A&M for wrongful termination

Being terminated from a job is a difficult position for anyone to be in. When that termination is one that you consider a wrongful termination or one that meets the requirements for a wrongful termination, the effect can be even more devastating. Former Florida A&M coach Clemon Johnson has recently filed a lawsuit against the university to take a stand against what he calls a wrongful termination.

What are the benefits of a noncompete agreement?

Many employees today do not stay at one job for all of their working years as many in previous generations did. Changing jobs and career paths is common today and with that dynamic comes a need for employers to safeguard their trade secrets and other valuable assets. With competition in most industries so intense, employers are now making use of noncompete agreements. Are these agreements enforceable?

Jewish worker starts lawsuit against Collier County Police

An employee who works for the Collier County Sheriff's Office has now started a lawsuit against that agency. The man is Jewish, and he says that he was not allowed to observe his religion as he desires and that he was discriminated against by the office.

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