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June 2015 Archives

Don't let your overtime pay fall by the wayside

In our previous blog post, we discussed the basic overtime laws that govern hourly positions in the United States. Any employee who is working an hourly position should know how the overtime laws apply to them. We know that pressuring employers for pay isn't something that most employees want to do, but in some cases, it is necessary.

What should I know about overtime pay?

The widely accepted workweek for most Americans is 40 hours per week. In some cases, such as people who are paid on a salary basis and some professionals, the expected workweek is often longer. In the case of employees who are paid hourly, 40 hours per workweek is an important milestone because after 40 hours are worked, the pay for the person increases.

Non-compete agreements sometimes lead to disagreements

Non-compete agreements are important tools for business owners because they help to ensure that people who leave their business won't jump over to a competitor and share the things that make the business successful. Many people associate these agreements with high-level executives. Some people might find it shocking that some businesses uses non-compete agreements for almost every employee.

Religious discrimination forbidden during application process

Religious freedoms and religious discrimination are two big issues for employers. It is vital for employers to ensure that employees and job applicants aren't discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. A recent United States Supreme Court ruling shows employers and others just how far reaching the anti-discrimination laws are to be carried.

Utilizing stock options as employee compensation

In previous decades, stock options in Florida were mostly given out to executives and others at the top of the corporate ladder. These were a way for high-level employees to be compensated by running the company well and helping the overall value to increase. These days, however, things have shifted so that some companies are using stock options as employee compensation, even for entry-level employees.

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