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September 2015 Archives

Employee arbitration mandates have limitations

It's becoming increasingly popular for employers to make signing an arbitration agreement mandatory for employees. By signing such agreements, employees often waive the right to file a complaint or lawsuit with a court or governing entity. Instead, employees must present complaints before a binding arbitration committee who makes a final decision in the case.

Communication workers union in negotiations with AT&T

The Communication Workers of America, a union that represents employees in nine states including Florida, is currently in negotiations with AT&T. According to reports, the CWA had a previous contract with the phone company; the contract expired on Aug. 8 and the employer and union had not, at that time, agreed to a new contract.

Woman claims race association led to lack of contract renewal

With the shortage of teachers around the country, some people might be shocked to learn that a math teacher didn't have her contract renewed with Orange County Public Schools. The school has a critical need for math teachers, but it citing budget cuts as the reason for not renewing the teacher's contract in 2013. That, however, is up for debate since it is being asserted that the budget didn't gone down for the school district during the period in which the woman's contract wasn't renewed.

Sexual harassment doesn't occur only in person these days

Sexual harassment in the workplace can make every minute that you are at work feel like torture. With the popularity of the Internet and electronic communication, sexual harassment can sometimes go far beyond issues that occur only when you are at work. Sexual harassment by a co-worker or a business contact that happens online is now possible, and it demands the same attention by your employer as traditional sexual harassment in the workplace.

What is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

When an employee makes a complaint about sexual harassment, the subject of whether the harassment is covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 might come up. This act, which is often referred to as Title VII, contains certain protections for a specific group of workers. Understanding Title VII might help you to better understand the legal grounds for filing sexual harassment complaints.

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