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December 2015 Archives

Understanding your pay and your rights

Employers are supposed to pay you for the hours you worked according to any hiring agreement or contract and in compliance with federal and state laws. It seems like a simple enough statement, but this one requirement is often much more complex than you can imagine. Frequently, employees are underpaid because of poor accounting practices, misunderstandings about pay requirements or even employer decisions to save money by shorting pay in some way.

Signing certain rights away in arbitration agreements

Employee arbitration agreements usually require that the employee sign a document that gives up his or her right to sue should something go wrong with the job. Common coverage points of arbitration include termination and discrimination; if you believe you were wrongfully terminated or discriminated against and you signed an arbitration agreement, you can't always take the case to court. You can, however, take the matter before a third-party arbitrator.

Do you know what to ask for in an employment contract?

An employment contract is a written agreement that protects both the employee and the employer should anything happen that might result in the employee leaving a job whether voluntarily or involuntarily. The contract also protects you while you're on the job and can help minimize issues between you and your employer by providing for clarity of expectations. But an employee contract is only as strong as your own negotiating skills and expectations.

Do you know what sexual harassment looks like?

Most workers in Florida would be able to tell you that sexual harassment is illegal. They might also be able to discuss worker rights and talk about how workers have a right not to be harassed and a right to protection from retaliation if they report harassment. But do you as a Florida worker recognize sexual harassment when it occurs?

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