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January 2016 Archives

New Florida ban focused on workplace discrimination is delayed

It is an unfortunate fact that many important bills take time to come to fruition. Florida's proposed ban on workforce discrimination aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is one such slow-moving bill. An earlier blog post already brought the issue to light, but now the bill has been delayed.

You can fight back against wrongful termination in Florida

Miami, Florida, residents who have been unlawfully terminated may feel as if they have no recourse, but that is not the case. Over the last few decades, wrongful termination has gained a lot of attention in America. While it remains a shadowy area of the law in some cases, there are some steps victims can take to once again be made whole.

Strengthen Miami employment contracts with legal assistance

In a tough economy, most every Miami resident would agree that finding employment is a cause for celebration. Many Floridians who have struggled with unemployment are so grateful for a job offer that they may sign a contract without giving it a lot of thought. It is easy to understand why people do this but at the same time it is extremely important to review employment contracts carefully.

Protecting yourself against workplace sexual harassment

It is 100 percent illegal to engage in sexual harassment in the workplace. The laws that govern such interactions exclude no one. This means that no person can legally harass another including employers, co-workers, clients, customers or any other individuals. Unfortunately, these laws do not completely prevent sexual harassment from occurring. However, there are steps you can take to protect yourself whether you intend to take legal action or not.

When workplace bullying becomes discrimination or harassment

Workplace bullying does occur, but at this time, it isn't technically illegal. Being mean-spirited or pressuring to someone isn't usually illegal if you aren't pressuring that person to do something that is illegal or sexual. A supervisor pressuring staff to work overtime or a team bully forcing his or her opinions on everyone else is unfortunate and uncomfortable. But you might not have a legal basis for a claim if leaders overlook such behavior.

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