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March 2016 Archives

Should I be getting paid for travel time in Florida?

It is no secret that most state economies are struggling. As such, many workers have been laid off and fewer new employees hired on. In some cases, this means existing employees have been charged with picking up the slack. For some, this is satisfactory with one important exception: not getting paid for the increased workload. Travel time is one such task that can slip through the cracks entirely.

Sexual harassment can make a hostile work environment

First, what does "hostile work environment" mean? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it means offensive conduct severe or pervasive enough to affect the conditions of employment. In other words, it is conduct that makes it difficult or impossible for a worker to perform his or her duties.

When whistleblowing policies backfire

If you knew or suspected your employer was engaged in illegal or unethical activities, would you report it to the government or legislative authority in your industry? Most of us would like to think we'd do the right thing and report our suspicions, even if it meant risking our jobs or opportunities within the company.

Am I a victim of workplace discrimination because of my religion?

Religion can be a hot button issue in the realm of employment law. For many—employees and employers alike—the line between discrimination and an ordinary working environment seems a bit blurred. Since you are asking questions about religious discrimination in the workplace, you clearly feel that something is wrong.

Strengthen your Florida wrongful termination case with these tips

Over the years, Miami, Florida has become a thriving business center offering residents lots of employment opportunities. Unfortunately, opportunities can quickly turn into nightmares for those who believe they have been wrongfully terminated. Common reactions to a wrongful termination include despair, anger and frustration. You want to do something to fight for your rights and you want satisfaction now.

What you should know before signing an employment contract

Employment contracts exist for good reason. When well-planned and complied with, these contracts protect the rights of employees and employers alike. Over the decades, Florida has become a thriving business center with more and more employers using employment contracts to secure good workers.

Restaurant servers more likely to be sexually harassed at work

According to studies by the Food Labor Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, restaurant servers - both male and female - are more likely to be the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The data, published in an interview on tipping practices with a Washington Post journalist, indicates that the restaurant industry receives five times the number of sexual harassment claims than any other industry. Furthermore, studies found that 30 percent of sexual harassment claims made by women come from restaurant workers, though only seven percent of American women work in that industry. 

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