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April 2016 Archives

Should I add arbitration clauses to my employee contracts?

If your aim is to reduce employment disputes, arbitration clauses could offer a solution. As any Florida employer who has suffered an employee lawsuit can attest, employment-related claims can be both expensive and uncertain. Even in cases where the claims have no merit, employers must often shell out significant amounts of money to resolve the issue. Further, court actions are time-consuming and often stressful as well.

What does the term quid pro quo mean in sexual harassment cases?

Quid pro quo is a Latin term that means "something for something" or "this for that." In legal terms quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs in the workplace when a person with authority, promises something to an employee or a job applicant in return for a sexual favor. Quid pro quo harassment can be stated outright or merely implied or hinted at.

5 Things to know about noncompetes

If you were asked to sign or have signed a noncompetition agreement, commonly referred to as a noncompete, with your employer, you may feel trapped into either staying with that employer or changing careers. However, noncompetes are not always enforceable in the ways you may assume or have been led to believe. Here are five things to know about noncompetes before you sign.

Florida wrongful termination | Understanding at will employment

In nearly all U.S. states, employment is presumed to be at will. This means that the law empowers both the employee and the employer to change the working relationship any time and without cause. For example, an employer has the right to modify the work schedule or terminate a worker while the employee has the right to leave the job at his or her discretion.

Employment-related age discrimination | It can happen to you

Employment or workplace discrimination on the basis of one's age does not often capture the interest of media outlets, but it still happens in Florida and other states. Most age discrimination affects workers who are middle-aged or older, manifesting when these older citizens are looking for work. With advancements in the health and medical care industry, people are living longer, healthier lives and they have the same right to gainful employment as younger people do.

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