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December 2016 Archives

What constitutes workplace discrimination?

Because of the prevalence and persisting problem of workplace discrimination related to race and sex, these tend to be the first types of discrimination we think of when we hear about the term. However, workplace discrimination can take a lot of different forms.

Employment contract reviews in Florida

When you enter into an employment contract -- whether you are the employer or the employee -- it is a legally binding agreement that will have financial consequences for you. A such, it is important to review closely all of the terms and conditions of the agreement so that you know exactly what you're getting into.

The basics of employment discrimination

Employment discrimination occurs when a job applicant or employee is treated negatively based on race, national origin, skin color, disability, religion, gender or age. Workplace discrimination involves more than circumstances of hiring and firing. Discriminatory actions also include bias in promotion, compensation, job assignment and retaliation. Learn how employers may discriminate based on different factors and what you can do if you are a victim.

Tracking sexual harassment down to its roots

Any Florida resident who has been through junior high school knows that there is no other place where more sexual harassment happens. Perhaps, since this is sexual harassment that involves children, it is a little more forgivable than when sexual harassment is committed by adults. After all, adults know better than to engage in this damaging behavior, and children might still need to be educated about why this behavior is so hurtful.

University administrator accused of sexual harassmement

A university administrator from the University of South Florida has had his title stripped after he allegedly engaged in sexual behavior and committed sexual harassment on campus. The 57-year-old administrator was told late last month that he would be removed from his position as director of the university's Center for Virtualization and Applied Spacial Technologies, which is a part of the Department of Anthropology.

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