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January 2017 Archives

Was your wrongful termination a violation of public policy?

Sometimes an employee's firing represents a legal violation of public policy. Public policy laws relate to things that the public perceives as ethically inappropriate and morally reprehensible. Public policy laws relate to ethics and morality, so sometimes they are interpreted in different ways from attorney to attorney, judge to judge and state to state.

What qualifies as pregnancy harassment?

When it comes to workplace harassment, one of the most commonly misunderstood areas affects pregnant women. The American Association of University Women claims that there are 68 million women in the workplace across the country, 75 percent of whom will become pregnant at least once. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was created to prevent business owners from discriminating against expectant mothers in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common forms of discrimination that are covered:

A checklist for what your employment contract should include

It is rare for a Miami employee to hire an attorney to review his or her employment contract before signing onto a new job. This level of attorney review is usually only requested by high-level employees who stand to earn a high salary. Or, it is performed after the fact by an employee who was wronged.

Whistleblowers do not have to face retaliation at work

If you see something untoward happening at the office, and you know it's wrong, you do not have to stay silent for fear of losing your job. Indeed, people who turn in their co-workers and/or companies for illegal behavior are protected by federal employment laws. The whistleblower act can be used to help Florida employees -- who lose their jobs because they did the right thing -- seek financial restitution and justice in court.

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