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Whistleblowers do not have to face retaliation at work

If you see something untoward happening at the office, and you know it's wrong, you do not have to stay silent for fear of losing your job. Indeed, people who turn in their co-workers and/or companies for illegal behavior are protected by federal employment laws. The whistleblower act can be used to help Florida employees -- who lose their jobs because they did the right thing -- seek financial restitution and justice in court.

Let's say you have been working at a Miami accounting firm for the last 10 years and you happen to notice that someone is doing a number on the spreadsheets for a certain company. After looking into it, you discover that the spreadsheets have been doctored in order to cover up your boss's embezzlement. Going to your boss's boss could be one way to put a stop to the illegal behavior, but suddenly, just a few days after reporting the wrongdoing, you are out of a job.

Maybe your company tries to say that they fired you for a legitimate reason, but you know exactly why the firing took place. It's because you found out that white collar fraud was happening at your workplace and you tried to put a stop to it, but the powers-that-be didn't want you getting in the way of their plans.

At the Law Offices of Gary A. Costales, we frequently represent plaintiffs who lost their jobs because:

-- They filed a complaint against their employers.

-- They refused to commit an illegal action.

-- They witnessed wrongdoing on the job and were fired simply because they saw it.

If you lost your job in Florida, and you suspect that you were wrongfully terminated due to retaliation, you may be able to fight for your rights in court. At the Law Offices of Gary A. Costales, we are available to talk to Miami employees about their circumstances and advise them of their legal rights and options.

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