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February 2017 Archives

Discrimination: It's real and it's everywhere

Florida businesses might seem like they're doing everything by the books in terms of preventing discrimination on the surface. For many of these organization, they truly are discrimination-free workplaces. However, not all organizations reflect their facades once you look beneath the surface.

Preventing sexual harassment: What businesses need to do

Florida workplaces can be breeding grounds for sexual harassment. One bad egg and an entire culture of workplace sexual harassment can arrise before an employer even realizes it's there. As such, businesses need to be diligent in their efforts to prevent their employees from being victimized by this kind of situation.

Discrimination against part-time workers is a real thing

Are you a part-time worker who feels treated differently, even if it is subtle, from your full-time counterparts? Employer and employee discrimination against part-time workers is a real thing, but there is not much written about it compared with discrimination on the basis of age, gender or sexuality.

Are non-compete clauses unfair for low-waged workers?

Florida employees are commonly forced to sign non-compete clauses before starting work with a new employer. This seems to make sense for high-level employees who could steal industry trade secrets and clients from their employer. However, what about low-wage workers who aren't very high up on the totem pole? Is it fair to force an $10-an-hour worker out of his or her industry due to a non-compete clause?

Did Fox settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly?

Media outlets are reporting that Fox News has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit that a Fox employee brought against Bill O'Reilly. According to a letter obtained by the New York Times, lawyers representing the former Fox employee accused O'Reilly of trying to have a sexual relationship with her. The ex-employee refused his advances and claims that O'Reilly and a Fox News executive retaliated against her by negatively affecting her career.

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