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Did your sexual harassment issue happen like this?

Florida workplaces are fraught with instances of sexual harassment that never get reported. Part of the problem is because many people don't think the problem is "bad enough" to warrant making a complaint.

Let's say you go to work one morning and your boss asks you out to dinner. Maybe the request seemed genuine to you, but you weren't interested, so you said, "No." The next day, the same boss asks you out again. This time, he makes a subtle comment about how you look, and you feel a twinge of discomfort. It's your boss after all, a person you're not supposed to talk back to. A person who you're supposed to do whatever he says. Again, you say, "No."

The very same night you start to get texts from your boss, and they have nothing to do with work. The texts take a sexual turn, and you feel even more uncomfortable. Over the next couple weeks, the compliments about your appearance become sexual too. You try to be polite, while subtly letting him know again and again that you don't like the comments. Nevertheless, he laughs them off, and says he's just joking around with you.

Eventually, you decide that enough is enough, so you talk to your boss' boss or the human resources department at your office to tell them about what's going on. However, nobody seems to care. Nothing is done to correct the situation and the harassment continues.

Harassment like this is so common for people during their daily life that, when it happens at work, employees might not recognize how extremely inappropriate it is. They also might fail to recognize the immense stress and strain it puts on their lives. If you're being sexually harassed in any way at your Florida workplace, reach out to an employment law attorney to put a stop to the problem.

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