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How to respond to workplace sexual harassment

If a Florida coworker makes an inappropriate comment, you might freeze up and be unable to respond. Part of the reason you freeze is that you might not have considered beforehand what the proper response should be. Read the following ways to respond to sexual harassment now, and you'll be well prepared should you encounter such a situation:

-- Responding to a one-time event: Responding quickly to a one-time sexual harassment event is often enough to quickly put the behavior to a stop. If someone makes an inappropriate comment or sends a harassing email, tell the person it made you feel uncomfortable, and not to say that to you again. Save the emails and texts for future reference should you need to make a complaint of repeat behavior.

-- Responding to repeat behavior: Inform your manager of the behavior in writing and follow up in person. Tell your manager that it's negatively affecting your ability to work. The harassers should be dealt with immediately.

-- Your harasser is an ex-romatic partner: Do the same as above. Your history with the person doesn't matter; it is still considered harassment.

-- Your harasser is a manager: Review the employee manual for your company and identify who you should contact to report the harassment. If you can't identify the contact, tell human resources or any senior person in writing and in person.

-- If you're afraid to report the harassment: Bring a work friend for support when you report the abuse.

-- Management isn't doing anything: Report the continued sexual harassment and the failure of management to a Florida employment law attorney.

You don't have to be a victim of workplace sexual harassment. You can put the harassment to a stop by pursuing legal claims to seek justice and financial restitution. By discussing your sexual harassment with a Florida employment law attorney, you can learn about your legal rights and options in this regard.

Source: Cosmopolitan, "6 Ways to Respond to Sexual Harassment at Work," Michelle Ruiz, accessed May 22, 2017

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