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February 2018 Archives

What does the EEOC do for American workers?

When a woman or man is victimized by sexual harassment at the workplace, he or she will have the right to appeal to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for assistance in defending his or her civil right to a workplace that is free of such abuse. The EEOC, however, protects workers from a lot more than sexual harassment. It comes to the aid of workers suffering from all manner of injustices including:

What steps should you take after a sexual harassment problem?

If you've been seriously victimized by sexual harassment, there's no reason why you should continue to put up with the abuse. First of all, the law is on your side, and you can speak up to make the abuse stop. Secondly, the law will protect you from any kind of negative retaliation in response to your bringing attention to the abuse.

AutoNation will not rule out employment for marijuana users

Countless American employees live in fear of losing their jobs as a result of testing positive for marijuana. With numerous states legalizing pot for medical and recreational purposes, the question of whether employers can base hiring and firing off the use of marijuana is certainly called into question. In Florida, though, employers can still fire their employees if they test positive for using marijuana.

Can workplace bullying create a hostile environment?

You would like to think that you left bullies behind after you graduated from high school, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some people never grow out of the bullying attitude, and they may take their behaviors to work. You and other employees in Florida may suffer if a bullying co-worker is creating a hostile or unsafe work environment.

Learn all about noncompete agreements

Employers often require their employees to sign noncompete agreements to protect their companies from unfair competition after an employee leaves the company. These noncompete agreements may require an employee to not work in the same industry for a period of months, or even years, after leaving their current employment. Are these agreements fair? And, more importantly, can they be enforced?

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