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April 2018 Archives

1 sign of age discrimination: Job reassignments

We don't stay young forever, that's one of the surest things we can count on in life. However, just because we're starting to show the signs of aging – or just because our birth dates are before the year 1965 – is not enough reason for employers to give younger workers our jobs or to reassign us to less meaningful positions. If this has happened to you, you could be a victim of age discrimination.

Sexual harassment news: Space Coast learns lessons from Hollywood

One term has been on the tip of everyone's tongue in recent months: sexual harassment. Employees want to make sure that they're not being victimized by this abuse like their favorite Hollywood stars. Bosses want to make sure that sexual harassment doesn't happen under their watch. And, would-be sexual harassers are trying to curb their behavior so they don't get in trouble or lose their careers.

3 things that help gender equality at workplaces

Gender inequality is a problem that the most responsible and ethical employers in the United States are trying to overcome. In fact, it's vital for all employers to do everything they can to combat this problem, which -- in many cases -- is difficult to resolve.

3 ways to get out of your non-compete agreement

When you leave your job, you may assume you are free to do as you wish. However, your now former employer may have had you sign a non-compete agreement when you first started working there. But just because the language in your non-compete agreement sounds tough, that does not necessarily mean it is a valid legal document. 

What are the overtime pay laws in Florida?

The laws that apply to overtime in Florida go into effect when a worker clocks over 40 hours in a workweek by entitling the worker to an extra hourly pay. For this reason, most workers are excited to work a few extra hours each week -- even if it can be exhausting. The extra boost in income from putting in the additional elbow grease can really add up fast. But what if your boss doesn't want to pay you the overtime money you have a legal right to?

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