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3 things that help gender equality at workplaces

Gender inequality is a problem that the most responsible and ethical employers in the United States are trying to overcome. In fact, it's vital for all employers to do everything they can to combat this problem, which -- in many cases -- is difficult to resolve.

Here are three things that every employer can start doing right now to dramatically increase equality among the genders they employ:

  • Don't ask for your employee's prior salary: Asking for an employee's prior salary and basing the new salary off that is a way for your employee to continue with prior gender-unequal pay. When hiring, it's best to simply give the employee a good and fair offer considering the position and the value it brings to your firm.
  • Put your managers through Unconscious Bias Training: There are ways that some managers unconsciously promote a particular position to men instead of women, or unconsciously offer men more jobs, more opportunities and higher salaries. Just telling managers to stop and "treat everyone equal" isn't enough. However, with Unconscious Bias Training, managers can learn to overcome these subconscious tendencies.
  • Do your interview loops offer gender diversity? If only men are performing the job interview, there's a good chance that gender inequality will persist in the hiring process. However, when more women participate as interviewers, more women will be hired to equalize the balance.

These are just a few ideas that employers can implement to combat gender inequality at the workplace. Female -- and also male -- workers who experience the ill-effects of workplace gender inequality may have viable legal actions they can pursue. If you're experiencing gender inequality, learn about what the law has to say regarding your situation.

Source: Inc., "Want to Further Gender Equality at Work? Do These 3 Things," Spencer Rascoff, accessed April 13, 2018

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