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August 2018 Archives

What should I do if the men on my team get more credit at work?

Gender inequality pervades American workplaces, and usually it's the men who receive the advantages and the women who are left behind. If you're currently working on an all-male team, and you're the only female, you might find that your male colleagues receive more praise and promotions.

What should I do if my employer wrongfully terminated me?

There are many ways that a wrongful termination can happen. Sometimes, it's out of retaliation for the employee's complaint about sexual harassment or discrimination. Sometimes, it happens because the employee was a whistleblower or refused to engage in illegal behavior. In still other cases, the wrongful termination might happen in violation of an employment contract. However it happens in your case, it's important that you take immediate action.

How do I build a watertight sexual harassment lawsuit?

People who sexually harass others sometimes do it unconsciously -- it's just a part of their personalities to bully and dominate their coworkers. Other sexual harassers do it strategically, so there aren't any witnesses -- in an attempt to cover their tracks. If you're being sexually harassed by one of these strategic harassers, you'll need to take extra care to gather the evidence required to build a watertight case.

These sexual harassment statistics are distressing

Workplaces in Florida and the rest of the nation are not doing their part in bringing sexual harassment to a stop. The #MeToo movement is further proof of this fact, which -- if you've been victimized by sexual harassment -- you're already well aware of. But just how bad is sexual harassment in U.S. workplaces? The following sexual harassment statistics reveal the distressing truth:

What are subtle ways in which employers discriminate?

In some ways, subtle discrimination is worse than blatant discrimination. Subtle discrimination can be more harmful in the long term and become part of a company's culture. Also, if you are not on the lookout for it, you may not realize it is happening to you or that you are making potentially discriminatory comments.

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