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What should I do if the men on my team get more credit at work?

Gender inequality pervades American workplaces, and usually it's the men who receive the advantages and the women who are left behind. If you're currently working on an all-male team, and you're the only female, you might find that your male colleagues receive more praise and promotions.

Keep reading for some advice if you're facing unequal treatment like this as a result of your gender.

Recognize if you're being victimized by gender bias

The first step in fighting gender inequality at your workplace is to recognize when it's a problem. For example, many women have experienced that when they work on a team -- in which no other women are present -- they do not receive due credit for their contribution. Often, male colleagues receive this credit instead. This also happens when women co-author research papers with a man.

In fact, a Harvard study once showed that women do better when they work alone or on teams with other women as compared to women who work on all-male teams. This issue is often referred to as the "collaboration penalty."

Overcoming the "collaboration penalty" of working with only men

Women can overcome the "collaboration penalty" of working with only men by being more assertive and taking credit as the representative of their teams. According to the Academy of Management Journal, when women take the initiative and assert themselves, they're more likely to be noticed as all-star team members than when men do the same.

Research proves this interesting twist on the equation of female inequality at work. In fact, women do receive some advantages over men, but only when they break the so-called mold and act in a more aggressive or assertive way. This may not come naturally to all women, however. More poignantly, one might suggest that women should not have to act differently from their male colleagues to move forward and receive promotions in their workplaces.

Stop gender bias and gender discrimination now

Women who receive different treatment at work as a direct result of their gender may be able to fight back. The victims of gender discrimination can -- in many circumstances -- seek protection under state and federal employment laws.

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