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September 2018 Archives

Ex-Marco Island employee sues city for wrongful termination

An ex-employee of the city of Marco Island has sued the municipality for wrongful termination. In his court documents, the man claims that he was wrongfully terminated because he exercised his right to freedom of speech.

Miami Beach wage law dispute could affect entire state

The minimum wage in Florida is currently $8.25 per hour, and it can go up based on the way the consumer price index changes each year. However, lawmakers in Miami Beach approved a higher minimum than the rest of the state two years ago -- which lawmakers felt was fair due to the higher cost of living in the area.

Keep your eye out for 'subtle' sexual harassment

Sexual harassment often begins in subtle ways. A comment here, a touch there, and before long, it escalates into full-blown extortion, the loss of one's job, toxic stress and a terrifying feeling of being bullied, taken advantage of or even sexually assaulted. Due to the reality that sexual harassment continues to pervade Florida workplaces, it's important that all workers -- not just female workers -- be on alert for the subtle cues that a mildly uncomfortable situation could turn into a career- and confidence-destroying calamity.

Is Florida seeing a spike in sexual harassment complaints?

With the strong political and popular support behind the #MeToo movement, one might suspect that the various agencies that handle sexual harassment complaints are seeing a rise in work. In some parts of the nation, this is certainly true, but not in all areas of the country -- particularly Florida.

Is your age a factor when the time comes for a promotion?

A promotion at work would mean more responsibility and more decision-making power, and it would also mean a raise in salary. Unfortunately, you were passed over for promotion six months ago, and it looks like a repeat is in the works. Are younger people receiving promotions instead of you?

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