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Examples of sexual harassment

Imagine you've been working at the same job for the last seven years, and suddenly a new manager comes on scene. At first, the manager seems like a jokester, and you get along great with him or her, but before you know it, things turn sexual. What you thought was good-natured banter has now taken an insulting and demeaning turn. Your manager has even started to touch you in a way that's extremely uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, situations like this happen frequently in Florida. Even though an employee has been working at a particular job for some time, he or she could encounter one of the following examples of sexual harassment at any time:

Inappropriate touching

A touch on the arm has suddenly turned into a grabbing, fondling, massaging and touching of private areas. This is not just sexual harassment; it's sexual assault. It's important to stand up for your rights immediately to stop this behavior.

Inappropriate comments

A co-worker or supervisor is regularly making comments about your sexuality, your body, your clothing or how you look.

Requests for sexual favors

Bosses and supervisors sometimes hound their underlines for sexual favors. This is grossly inappropriate, immoral and unlawful.

Quid pro quo demands

A quid pro quo request or demand involves the promise of some benefit in exchange for a sexual favor or going on a date.

Constantly pestering an employee for dates

No means no at the office. If someone asks you on a date, that's fine. If that person continues to pester you multiple times to go on dates, this clearly sexual harassment.

Don't let yourself be a victim of sexual harassment. Tell your harassers to stop. Report the behavior to the appropriate person. If it continues, assert your legal rights in court immediately.

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