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January 2019 Archives

Wrongful termination: What is constructive dismissal?

Have you ever had a job that was so terrible you wondered how any human being could tolerate it? What if the awful nature of the job required you to commit a crime, endanger your life or endure extremely uncomfortable conditions? Even worse, what if your employer created these circumstances on purpose, just to get you to quit?

A healthcare fraud case highlights whistleblower efforts

A Florida case involving healthcare fraud finally settled in 2017 after years of undercover work by the whistleblower and his team. Freedom Health in Tampa was the company that came under intense government scrutiny following the “qui tam” complaint filed by employee Darren Sewell.

Is your boss discriminating against you because of your genetics?

Genetic testing has been available for decades. It's useful for determining a lot of information about someone, and these days, doctors and scientists will know more about you than ever after obtaining a small sample of your DNA. So will your boss.

The link between power and sexual harassment

When you take a first look at the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, it's easy to think that it happens because of physical attraction. You think it's based on lust or the desire for a more intimate relationship that is not shared by the other party.

Are you suffering from unpaid overtime at work?

In a boring job, every day can seem like you're working longer and longer, even though you're clocking in the same number of hours. When your shift is done, the only thing you want is to go home, relax and spend time with your family. Fortunately, employers are limited to employing just 40 hours a week if they don't want to trigger "overtime laws."

Male cruise line employee files sexual harassment claim

A former labor analyst for Disney Cruise Line has filed a legal action alleging that he was victimized by sexual harassment and age discrimination and that he was subjected to a hostile work environment and bullying. According to the complaint, the man's younger female manager bragged about sleeping with married men from the office, bullied him about his age and overlooked him for promotions.

How bartenders can fight against sexual harassment

As a bartender, you are no stranger to uncomfortable remarks and unwanted interactions at your job. Unfortunately, sexual assault and violence are commonplace in the alcohol industry. In fact, bartenders experience the third highest rate of workplace violence, just behind police officers and security guards. 

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