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May 2019 Archives

Woman and man make opposite claims in harassment case

Women, like men, want to do their work in peace, make money and advance their careers. Being subject to harassment, however, throws all of that asunder and makes work life unnecessarily difficult. It can also result in personal, public and legal issues for the person accused of doing the harassing. That fact was illustrated this week when a Florida Keys woman walked into a federal court and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a well-known restaurant owner.

Wrongful termination suits can happen for many reasons

No one wants to be fired, or terminated, from their job. However, in some cases a firing may be perfectly legal despite the former employee's unhappiness with it. In other cases, though, a firing may be a wrongful termination. When it is, the former employee can contact an attorney and pursue legal action. The result of that legal action could be the former employee getting their job back, receiving financial compensation or both.

Florida banking commissioner accused of harassment

Banking professionals and their customers across Miami, Florida, were shocked by the recent revelation that the top banking regulator of Florida was suspended at the end of last week. The man, who had been the Commissioner of Florida's Office of Financial Regulation, has been put on paid leave. He has been accused of harassment of an employee.

Study: Discrimination the norm for most of LGBTQ community

A study carried out at Harvard University makes it only too clear that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community still face a lot of discrimination in modern America. It found that the majority of them have been discriminated against or harassed in some way.

Do you have to work overtime if your boss asks?

Under Florida law, if employees work more than 40 hours a week, then they must receive overtime pay. A landscaping company based out of Longwood recently found itself in hot water for not paying workers overtime. Eventually, the company did pay, but it took the money out of bonuses that employees should have also received. 

What is defamation?

Defamation can ruin your career. It's a serious issue, especially if you have been through an employment dispute or if you are going through one right now. You must know what it is and how it can impact you.

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