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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

The link between power and sexual harassment

When you take a first look at the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, it's easy to think that it happens because of physical attraction. You think it's based on lust or the desire for a more intimate relationship that is not shared by the other party.

Male cruise line employee files sexual harassment claim

A former labor analyst for Disney Cruise Line has filed a legal action alleging that he was victimized by sexual harassment and age discrimination and that he was subjected to a hostile work environment and bullying. According to the complaint, the man's younger female manager bragged about sleeping with married men from the office, bullied him about his age and overlooked him for promotions.

Are you being subjected to sexualized behavior at work?

If you experience a feeling of discomfort on a daily basis related to the behavior of your coworkers or supervisors, you might want to stop and consider whether you're being sexually harassed. Indeed, the strange thing about sexual harassment is the fact that victims don't always realize what's happening until it's too late -- when they're truly suffering from the abuse.

Take these steps if you're a victim of sexual harassment

The experience of being sexually harassed at work is one of the most demoralizing things that any employee could ever have to endure. Unfortunately, even though the #MeToo movement has been going strong, this awful behavior has continued throughout Florida workplaces, and the only way victims can ever hope to make it stop is to stand up for their rights as soon as they realize they're being victimized.

Can managers get fired for sexual harassment retaliation?

Managers in Florida workplaces have been known to retaliate against workers who report their sexual harassment. The threat of retaliation is sometimes enough to keep workers silent about the wrongful behavior they've endured. However, workers should know that the victims of sexual harassment are on the right side of the law even if they don't prevail in their sexual harassment complaints and employment-related retaliation lawsuits.

Examples of sexual harassment

Imagine you've been working at the same job for the last seven years, and suddenly a new manager comes on scene. At first, the manager seems like a jokester, and you get along great with him or her, but before you know it, things turn sexual. What you thought was good-natured banter has now taken an insulting and demeaning turn. Your manager has even started to touch you in a way that's extremely uncomfortable.

Keep your eye out for 'subtle' sexual harassment

Sexual harassment often begins in subtle ways. A comment here, a touch there, and before long, it escalates into full-blown extortion, the loss of one's job, toxic stress and a terrifying feeling of being bullied, taken advantage of or even sexually assaulted. Due to the reality that sexual harassment continues to pervade Florida workplaces, it's important that all workers -- not just female workers -- be on alert for the subtle cues that a mildly uncomfortable situation could turn into a career- and confidence-destroying calamity.

Is Florida seeing a spike in sexual harassment complaints?

With the strong political and popular support behind the #MeToo movement, one might suspect that the various agencies that handle sexual harassment complaints are seeing a rise in work. In some parts of the nation, this is certainly true, but not in all areas of the country -- particularly Florida.

How do I build a watertight sexual harassment lawsuit?

People who sexually harass others sometimes do it unconsciously -- it's just a part of their personalities to bully and dominate their coworkers. Other sexual harassers do it strategically, so there aren't any witnesses -- in an attempt to cover their tracks. If you're being sexually harassed by one of these strategic harassers, you'll need to take extra care to gather the evidence required to build a watertight case.

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