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Posts tagged "Sexual harassment"

How do I build a watertight sexual harassment lawsuit?

People who sexually harass others sometimes do it unconsciously -- it's just a part of their personalities to bully and dominate their coworkers. Other sexual harassers do it strategically, so there aren't any witnesses -- in an attempt to cover their tracks. If you're being sexually harassed by one of these strategic harassers, you'll need to take extra care to gather the evidence required to build a watertight case.

These sexual harassment statistics are distressing

Workplaces in Florida and the rest of the nation are not doing their part in bringing sexual harassment to a stop. The #MeToo movement is further proof of this fact, which -- if you've been victimized by sexual harassment -- you're already well aware of. But just how bad is sexual harassment in U.S. workplaces? The following sexual harassment statistics reveal the distressing truth:

Florida history professor sues university for sexual harassment

A former employee of the University of South Florida's history department has sued the university over claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. The history professor alleges that while she was employed by USF, she was subjected to gender discrimination, sexual harassment and disability discrimination by one of her colleagues.

Sparkling water magnate accused of sexual harassment

National Beverage Corp. is the famed maker of the popular sparkling water beverage, LaCroix. Recently, the CEO of the company was accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment from more than one employee. According to the CEO, the sexual harassment claims are false.

What are the early warning signs of sexual harassment?

One of the reasons why sexual harassment gets so far out of hand is that victims dismiss the early warning signs of the behavior as irrelevant. If victims can recognize these early signs and respond to them proactively -- before they get worse -- many difficult circumstances and lawsuits could be avoided.

How do you prove quid pro quo sexual harassment at work?

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is one of the worst classifications of sexual harassment that exists. "Quid pro quo" is a Latin term that essentially means "this for that." Indeed, quid pro quo sexual harassment certainly is "this for that." In many cases of sexual harassment, victims are manipulated by their bosses with promises of favors or threats of negative consequences if they don't perform sexual favors.

Models make their voices heard about sexual harassment

With the #MeToo movement gaining momentum, more and more employees are coming forward with their stories of on-the-job sexual harassment and abuse. The Model Alliance has recently joined the #MeToo voices with the release of an open letter signed by 100 models, including Milla Jovovich. The letter demands contractual protection for models, so that they don't have to fear being victimized by sexual abuse and harassment.

How many employers offer sexual harassment training?

The need for employers to offer their employees sexual harassment is vital. Given the recent surge in sexual harassment cases to hit the news, it certainly begs the question: If employers were more proactive in educating workers about what sexual harassment, how to refrain from it, how to recognize it and what to do if you've been a victim, would current #MeToo movement even be necessary?

Sexual harassment news: Space Coast learns lessons from Hollywood

One term has been on the tip of everyone's tongue in recent months: sexual harassment. Employees want to make sure that they're not being victimized by this abuse like their favorite Hollywood stars. Bosses want to make sure that sexual harassment doesn't happen under their watch. And, would-be sexual harassers are trying to curb their behavior so they don't get in trouble or lose their careers.

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