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Posts tagged "Sexual harassment"

What does the EEOC do for American workers?

When a woman or man is victimized by sexual harassment at the workplace, he or she will have the right to appeal to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for assistance in defending his or her civil right to a workplace that is free of such abuse. The EEOC, however, protects workers from a lot more than sexual harassment. It comes to the aid of workers suffering from all manner of injustices including:

What steps should you take after a sexual harassment problem?

If you've been seriously victimized by sexual harassment, there's no reason why you should continue to put up with the abuse. First of all, the law is on your side, and you can speak up to make the abuse stop. Secondly, the law will protect you from any kind of negative retaliation in response to your bringing attention to the abuse.

3 examples of sexual harassment: Does your case sound like this?

With the #metoo movement, which has unfolded over social media during the last several months, many Florida residents have become more aware of sexual harassment than ever before. What some Florida residents may have realized -- like the many Hollywood celebrities who have come forward -- is that they too have been victimized by sexual harassment.

The subtle beginnings of sexual harassment

Most of us know what sexual harassment is on an intellectual level, but it's not as easy to identify it when it happens until it's too late and the situation has gotten out of control. Often, in the initial stages of sexual harassment, an employee will dismiss the behavior, believing that it will stop if he or she just ignores it. However, if you can identify the behavior early, you have a better chance of speaking up and getting it to stop before things get out of control.

What's the best response to sexual harassment?

The last month has been such a watershed of sexual harassment allegations in the news that many of us are spinning, wondering which celebrity -- which important political figure -- is going face accusations of sexual misconduct next. While everyone will agree that it's good to stop this kind of behavior and hold those who commit it accountable, some may be wondering about what they should do if they become the victims of sexual harassment moving forward.

Florida state senator accused of sexual harassment

A Florida state senator has been accused of multiple sexual harassment and sexual misconduct violations by six different women. State Sen. Jack Latvala of Clearwater was accused of inappropriately touching multiple women and making demeaning comments regarding their bodies. The man was accused after he put his name into the mix for upcoming Florida governor's race.

Preventing sexual harassment: A 5-step program

Florida employers can clean up even the most disgusting workplace environments that are fraught with sexual harassment by taking specific steps. This is not to say that the cleanup process will be easy, or that the people who are engaging in sexual harassment will be happy about it, but it's definitely possible to make things right at your workplace again.

National Park Service employees say sexual harassment is rampant

A toxic workplace culture has been revealed by employees of the National Park Service. A shocking 39 percent of National Park Service employees say that they have been either discriminated against or harassed at work. The details were revealed in a complaint made by employees to the Interior Department.

Is your office a toxic workplace?

A lot of sexual harassment lawsuits focus on toxic workplace culture. That's because Florida workplaces and employers are required to offer their employees a workplace that is free of offensive, sexualized banter and sexual harassment. In some situations, workplace culture serves to promote this bad behavior. Employers have a legal duty to squelch this kind of culture as soon as it rears its ugly head.

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