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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Is your boss discriminating against you because of your genetics?

Genetic testing has been available for decades. It's useful for determining a lot of information about someone, and these days, doctors and scientists will know more about you than ever after obtaining a small sample of your DNA. So will your boss.

How can retail workers respond to sexual harassment?

Claims of sexual harassment abound in Florida headlines, but many workers say they're still being victimized by this behavior. One segment of the working population that is particularly at risk of being sexually harassed is workers in the retail industry.

Have you experienced this discriminatory behavior at work?

Discriminatory behavior in a social setting is wrong, immoral, hurtful and in some cases, it could even become unlawful. Discriminatory behavior at work, on the other hand, is always unlawful when it applies to someone who has a protected status. The most common forms of unlawful workplace discrimination relate to gender, age, disability status, color, national origin and religion.

What should I do if the men on my team get more credit at work?

Gender inequality pervades American workplaces, and usually it's the men who receive the advantages and the women who are left behind. If you're currently working on an all-male team, and you're the only female, you might find that your male colleagues receive more praise and promotions.

Is age discrimination becoming more prevalent in Florida?

Age discrimination is a serious problem in American workplaces and it's only getting worse due to the fact that more baby boomers are reaching retirement age. When these baby boomers need to keep working for financial reasons, they are finding it more difficult to retain their jobs as they grow older. What baby boomers need to know, however, is that federal law protects them from age-related discrimination.

Anti-discrimination protections for homosexuals: What are they?

Your sexual orientation is your business; it's not your employer's. At the same time, it's 2018, and you shouldn't have to hide your sexual preference as if it's something to be ashamed of. But many Florida workers continue to hide this aspect of their lives for fear of suffering a negative, discriminatory consequence at their workplaces – and with good reason. Neither federal nor Florida law protects workers from discriminatory practices.

What should I do if I'm being discriminated against at work?

Even in the year 2018, countless American workers go to their jobs every morning knowing that they will face harsh discriminatory behavior and harassment because of their races, their religions, their sexes and their national origin. Unfortunately, many workers stay quiet and put up with this unfair treatment because they're afraid they could lose their jobs if they speak up. However, these workers should know that powerful federal law – backed by the United States Constitution – protect them from this kind of abuse and they can make it stop as soon as they're ready.

1 sign of age discrimination: Job reassignments

We don't stay young forever, that's one of the surest things we can count on in life. However, just because we're starting to show the signs of aging – or just because our birth dates are before the year 1965 – is not enough reason for employers to give younger workers our jobs or to reassign us to less meaningful positions. If this has happened to you, you could be a victim of age discrimination.

3 things that help gender equality at workplaces

Gender inequality is a problem that the most responsible and ethical employers in the United States are trying to overcome. In fact, it's vital for all employers to do everything they can to combat this problem, which -- in many cases -- is difficult to resolve.

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