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Posts tagged "Wrongful Termination"

Wrongful termination: What is constructive dismissal?

Have you ever had a job that was so terrible you wondered how any human being could tolerate it? What if the awful nature of the job required you to commit a crime, endanger your life or endure extremely uncomfortable conditions? Even worse, what if your employer created these circumstances on purpose, just to get you to quit?

Age discrimination: Were you a victim of this unlawful behavior?

You never thought of yourself to be at risk of age discrimination, but on your 40th birthday, you looked around your Florida workplace and suddenly realized you're the oldest one there. Then, the jokes started, and people began making fun of how old you are. These jests seemed harmless at first, but you soon discovered that you were being left out of office social events, denied promotions and when it came time to lay people off, you were the first to lose your job.

Were you fired for exercising your medical leave rights?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an important piece of federal legislation that provides some -- but not all -- employees the right to take time off of work without pay in the event of a family medical issue or when they're bringing a new child into the family. This vital piece of employment-related legislation must be honored by employers, or they will face legal consequences.

Ex-Marco Island employee sues city for wrongful termination

An ex-employee of the city of Marco Island has sued the municipality for wrongful termination. In his court documents, the man claims that he was wrongfully terminated because he exercised his right to freedom of speech.

What should I do if my employer wrongfully terminated me?

There are many ways that a wrongful termination can happen. Sometimes, it's out of retaliation for the employee's complaint about sexual harassment or discrimination. Sometimes, it happens because the employee was a whistleblower or refused to engage in illegal behavior. In still other cases, the wrongful termination might happen in violation of an employment contract. However it happens in your case, it's important that you take immediate action.

Is it still retaliation if my employment complaint was invalid?

Some Florida employers will ruthlessly terminate someone's employment after the worker complains about sexual harassment or some other problem at work. Rather than appropriately investigating the matter, the employer will ignore the problem and show the employee the door. Other times, the employer will conduct a detailed investigation to determine what actually occurred and respond accordingly.

Employers must be careful about hidden discrimination

Employers frequently fire employees because they perform poorly on the job. However, what if the employee's poor performance was because of a disability that the employer could have easily accommodated? Even worse, what if the employee had what's called a "hidden discrimination," so the employer never even realized that the employee needed some special help?

Did your boss fire you unfairly?

Most people feel awful when they get terminated from their jobs, but when a termination happens without a valid and lawful reason, it can be particularly mortifying. Not only that, but the wrongfully terminated worker will face the challenge of quickly finding employment before his or her cash reserves run out.

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