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3 ways to get out of your non-compete agreement

When you leave your job, you may assume you are free to do as you wish. However, your now former employer may have had you sign a non-compete agreement when you first started working there. But just because the language in your non-compete agreement sounds tough, that does not necessarily mean it is a valid legal document. 

Tips for anti-sexual harassment training

Many workplaces hold training sessions on topics such as sexual harassment. Of course, some employers handle this topic better than others do. Because a sexual harassment lawsuit against your business may prove costly, it is often worth your while to be proactive in how you approach training. This tactic can also help you attract a wider base of qualified applicants if you develop a reputation for being a fair and proactive business.

Can workplace bullying create a hostile environment?

You would like to think that you left bullies behind after you graduated from high school, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some people never grow out of the bullying attitude, and they may take their behaviors to work. You and other employees in Florida may suffer if a bullying co-worker is creating a hostile or unsafe work environment.

3 reasons a non-compete agreement may not apply

Non-compete agreements are often a standard contract that employers require employees to agree to. Generally, it stipulates that an employee cannot gain information from their employer and then use the information in service of another business. This protects a company’s trade secrets and other proprietary information from potential exploitation by another business in the same sector.

How to respond to sexual jokes in the workplace

More people than ever before are steadily becoming aware of the impact of sexual harassment in the workplace. In many cases, this harassment will not necessarily be violent. Many workplaces deal with employees who engage in lewd or sexual jokes, which are still enough to make coworkers uncomfortable. 

Limiting personal liability as a small business owner

As a small business owner, you probably have some degree of liability when it comes to the operation of your entity, but the types of risks you face will vary broadly based on your particular line of work. Some types of business operations, among them food and beverage service establishments, expose you to a considerable degree of risk, but even businesses that do not seem overtly risky can get into trouble if someone files a lawsuit against them.

What is qui tam whistleblowing?

You have heard of whistleblowing in the workplace, but have you heard of qui tam? Understanding what it is can help you determine if you have a case and qualify for protection.

Constructive discharge and employment discrimination

Employees may face various forms of illegal discrimination, with firing ranking among the harshest actions employers may take. However, as more employers become aware of the illegality and potential legal consequences of discriminatory actions, they may not take such an overt step.

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